[elevation_content_image_box title=”Our Vision” right_image=”2188″ learn_more_title=”Read More” learn_more_url=”#lucas” donate_title=”Donate Now” donate_url=”#donatenow”]“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is an International Humanitarian and Independent Organization, which from its inception strives to support every child in need, irrespective of the child’s sex, religion or ethnic background. We provide psychological, social and legal support and aid, safeguarding a better future for all children.

Our vision is creating a future without child abuse, barren from bullying, with a society which treasures its own future and strives to preserve it.

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Why support “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center?

Since the very first day of operation, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center has gone above and beyond in order to be able to assist every child in need. And how could we have operated in any other way, since children are the ones who make us dream of a better future.

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center implements programs; against bullying in schools, child sexual abuse, Child Protection Hotlines, provides social, psychological and legal support to children, youth and their families, as well as Humanitarian Aid for unaccompanied minors while running a plethora of workshops, seminars and academic lectures to secure and safeguard children’s rights.

There are times however, when our needs supersede us, which is why we need your support. You can be certain that your donation to “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center will be managed efficiently and reach those who are in real need. Our Institution is transparent, encouraging the support of our benefactors without whom, we would have an even more challenging road ahead.

[elevation_urgent_causes_box title=”The truth in numbers …” subtitle=”
” counter1=”50 million children uprooted from their homes;” counter2=”MORE THAN 10,000 UNACCOMPANIED
MISSING CHILDREN IN EUROPE;” counter3=”1 in 5 children victims of child abuse;”]

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